Our mission

The mission of Solidarity and Hope Foundation – Săvineşti branch is to fight social exclusion by restoring human dignity, by helping and encouraging disadvantaged people in the community, through solidarity and social commitment.

We aim to support the local community to improve the quality of the social and cultural life by defending human rights and Christian moral values.

Solidarity and Hope Foundation – Săvineşti branch was founded on 25th March 2009 with the blessing of His Eminence Teofan, Archbishop of Iasi, Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina.

Since its founding date, our branch conducted many social, educational, catechetical and charitable activities, such as: providing daily lunch for 87 children from disadvantaged families, training courses, craft activities (which consist of manufacturing decorative candles, bracelets, occasional greeting cards, angels, stars, crocheted bells, etc).

Since 2009, from 17th to 26th August the Foundation has organized from its own resources a recreational educational activity entitled ”Angel Wings” Creative Camp reaching a total of over 200 participants, at the latest edition in 2012. The participants were children from Germany, China (Hong Kong), Neamt and Bacau. They were offered for 10 days:

– lunch

– teachers tutors for painting and sports

– contests,

– tutorials,

– excursions.

The Foundation was offered its main office by Săvineşti town hall for a period of 10 years. This facility was designed with multiple purpose social center destination, with an area of 100 square meters, divided into two dining rooms with a capacity of 100 seats, a kitchen equipped with all necessary supplies, 2 offices, 2 bathrooms, a cloakroom, a basement equipped with shelves for food storage and a cold storage room, with up to 1 ton capacity. The premises also include a large green area of 1000 sqm.

The main objective of the activities performed by Solidarity and Hope Foundation – Săvineşti branch is to determine by any means children from underprivileged families from Săvineşti, to attend the minimum required school classes, to join in a social environment which enables long-term skills, educational counseling, increased self-esteem, mediation on the employment market, vocational guidance, retraining of indirect beneficiaries.

The activities of Solidarity and Hope Foundation – branch Săvineşti materializes in social and educational activities:

– Afterschool,

– Craft clubs,

– Painting workshops;

– Training courses.

The purpose of the social center is to prepare children for life, through various educational activities in order to become „sons of the Church” through catechesis and prayer.